Carving workshop

Newly built pipe organ at Westminster Abbey Song school

A new organ case and carvings for Westminster Abbey choir school


Middle tower pipe shade

Middle tower pipe shades drawing

Half-round middle tower pipe shade drawing

 Half-round tower with carved pierced work for Westminster Abbey choir school

Semi-circular carved pipe shade

Half round tower carved pierced work

Pipe shade in place into the central tower

Pipe shades above flat

Pipe shades drawing

Drawing of pipe shades above flats

  Carved open work pipe shades tower and flat for Westminster Abbey choir school

Tower and above flat pipe shades

Bass and treble towers pipe shades

  Tower pipe shades drawing

Tower pipe shade drawing

 Tower pipe shades carvings for  Westminster Abbey choir school

Tower carvings

Westminster Abbey organ carvings

The new instrument was designed by William Drake Ltd. I built the organ case from the organ builders specifications and the pipe shades were designed and  inspired from examples found in England in the Georgian classical style. Air dried oak was the best material in use and the timber came from a sawmill who specializes in cutting oak trees in quarter and rift sawn.  I made the paneling  by slicing the boards to assemble symmetrical figured panels. To design the pipe shades, I have used  elements of ornamentation that we often see in larger organ cases dating from the middle of the eighteenth century, here the carvings were shaped and finished just in the same way  as found in older examples from other pipe organ caseworks . The pipe shades were made of : two towers, two flats and a round tower.

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