Banner, trophy carvings with Laurent Robert Woodcarver and Cabinet making written in between is situated a logo, mallet with gouge

Past carving projects

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logo , wooden mallet with carving chisel on top with a letter L above
The examples of work listed here does include many carved organ-cases.


Each are designed with two main factors in mind:
  • Their aesthetics and uses.
The organ cases appearances are greatly influenced by their interiors in where they are to be displayed.
Their styles and proportions are dictated by their architectural and ornamental surrounding elements. The same guidelines can be applied for designing a piece of furniture. Another important factor related to the proportion of an organ case is the dedicated space planned for it.
This requires the expertise of an organ builder to design the sounds for that particular acoustic. As an example: A chamber organ case is best suited for a domestic room rather than a large interior such as  a Cathedral or o Concert room. An organ case is a substantial piece of furniture that shields a pipe organ. When designing pipe shades for an organ builder I study the interior from where the pipe organ is to become the main work of art.
My latest carvings are influenced by past historical restorations experience, this background together with the need of each particular new projects creates many challenges and this is what I enjoy the best.
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