Carving workshop

New carvings- portfolio

All of the pictures shown below are about new carvings designed and hand carved in my studio. Another portfolio will soon be available, it will be focusing on the restoration work.

Feel free to ask about any particular design, I will be glad to help you with.

Featuring in this portfolio:

Aster House ,boutique in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Wood sculpted signage in mahogany on both sides of wildlife including rabbits dragonflies and aster flowers bouquet

Beacon Hill Books and Café in Boston MA. Picture progress

St. Paul’s Chapel, Trinity Church Wall Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City Picture progress

Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg VA. Picture progress

St. Peter’s on Capital Hill, Washington DC Picture progress

Trinitarian Congregational Church, Concord MA Picture progress

Westminster Abbey, London UK Picture progress

Lincoln College Chapel, Oxford,UK Picture progress

Originally built for Dartington College of Arts, Devon,UK, moved to private client

Progress picture

pipe organ carving featuring carved grapevine in oak

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