Carving workshop

New pipe organ case in oak

organ case console in oak, lincoln college oxford

New pipe organ case in oak

Westminster Abbey Song school, practice organ, Laurent Robert woodcarving

New carved chest in oak

new carved oak chest

The cabinet-making workshop designs and creates prototypes furniture, in most cases the client can take part in the process making.

The workshop specializes in custom-made furniture and, historical reproduction furniture, all are made in solid wood (oak, walnut, mahogany, ash, elm , sycamore, maple, mahogany...)

Furnitures can be designed from a hand drawing, CAD, sketch drawing,  from a picture (book, phone, camera), a painting for example if it were a reconstruction project.

Traditional wood finishes are in use: Water based/oil stain- Wax finishes (beeswax and carnauba)-French polishing (pumice powder/alcohol); Shellac are preferred:  (Sandaraque, sangdragon, gomme laque blonde, mattine...)

Restoration and conservation work are provided.

logo , wooden mallet with carving chisel on top with a letter L above
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